Special Event Toilet Rentals

Portable Restrooms are a great way to meet the needs of guests at a small party or customers at huge outdoor events. Our portable restrooms are cleaned and sanitized at our shop. They are then delivered to your location. Our delivery personnel place them where you desire, make sure they are firmly in place and level, and wipe them down inside and outside. Based on our customers' comments we can assure you that your guests or customers will be pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and pleasant smell of our portable restrooms. This page, the luxury restroom page, and the luxury trailer page contain helpful information to assist you and pictures of the portable restrooms we recommend for special events.
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Basic Portable Toilet

Portapotty — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA
Walters Services is regularly buying new basic portable toilets to cycle through our stock. These new units are set aside for special event use only. Our basic units come with a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer. We put an effective deodorizer in the tank and a perfume disc in the vent to ensure a nice smelling aroma. These units come in blue, green, and gray.

Deluxe 3000

Green Portalet — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA
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This style is our most elaborate special event toilet that comes in both unisex and women styled toilets. Each unit comes with a flush toilet, a sink, paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser. All of our special event toilets are set aside for use only at special events. This unit is very popular for wedding's, reception's, and parties as it is very attractive in appearance and comes in pink and gray.

ADA Toilet

The Senator is the ideal choice to use when full-service, full-compliance portable restrooms are required. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, the T-turn option requires less space than a full-turn radius that resulted in the larger, clumsier ADA-compliant units of the past. The Senator is easier to transport and place than any of its predecessors.
  • ½” thick polyethylene extrusion floor provides maximum rigidity and near ground-level access
  • 40-gallon waste tank
  • Toilet seat and cover
  • 3-roll toilet paper holder with included rod and padlock
  • Heavy-duty aluminum handrails, like those found in many plumbed restrooms
  • Pneumatic door closer, which is balanced by a heavy-duty cable spring for comfortable, consistent, and predictable access
  • High molecular-weight material with extra UV protection ensures that your units will continue to look new through years of work

Kids Portable Toilet

Kids portable toilet — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA
We realize that having smaller children use portable toilets can sometimes be a challenge. Here is a unit which makes it much easier for children and their parents. The units are smaller and can only be used by kids. The unit has a step next to the toilet tank making it easier for children to get up onto the toilet seat. It also has an alcohol gel dispenser so kids can sanitize their hands. Also, kids like the idea of having their own “fun” toilet to use.

Hot & Cold Handwashing Station

Sanisink Portalet — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA
The Sanisink offers hot water and cool water for hand washing, a soap dispenser and a sealed paper towel dispenser in a stand-alone unit. It just requires 110 volt electric.

Features & Amenities Include:

  • Hot Water
  • Cold Water
  • Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Soap Dispenser
Violet Portalet — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA

Double Hand Washing Station

Looking for a versatile freestanding hand wash station that is perfect for small to medium-sized events or sites, yet provides all of the features of the industry-leading Super Twin series? Look no further than the Tag Along. Its rugged construction matches the high quality of the Super Twin, yet its lightweight footprint makes it simple to transport. In fact, the Tag Along will fit inside most standard size portable restrooms for delivery. The days of making two trips to deliver two restrooms and a sink are over!
Features Include
  • 24-gallon fresh water capacity
  • 24-gallon Gray water capacity
  • Foot pump operation
  • Designed to accommodate complete forearm washing
  • Dual, molded-in spigots make for a vandal-discouraging design
  • Large cutouts make the powerful foot pumps easily accessible, even for users in heavy work boots
  • No risky bags or bladders
  • Fresh water compartment is easily removed for regular sanitizing
  • Two Spray Soap dispensers
  • Two lockable paper towel dispensers
  • 1.8 gallon per minute foot pump
Open Portalet — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA

Baby Changing Station

Here is a unit designed specifically with parents and their small children in mind. This unit is only used for changing diapers. It has a fold down tray for the baby to be placed on and ample trash receptacles for the diapers and wipes to be thrown away. This unit is great for special events designed for families.
  • "Everyone at my party was telling me how nice your portable toilet smelled." East Shore
  • "Thank you for your cooperation and the professional manner in which you assisted us in the celebration of our 50th anniversary. Feedback from the employees and retirees has been excellent. Your efforts were an important aspect in making last week a success." Myerstown
  • "Our event was a huge success, in part because of your suggestions and support." West Shore
Need a simple solution for your outdoor event? Our corrugated white boxes provide a clean and inexpensive answer. These white boxes complement any atmosphere - from weddings to job sites. You need something that is not distracting to your event - these simple temporary trash containers provide the solution. Ideal for:

Cardboard Trash Receptacles

Trash Can Portalet — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA
  • Festivals & Special Events
  • Corporate Promotions & Tradeshows
  • College, School Events
  • Sports Events & Games
  • Music Concerts & Fiestas
  • Sporting Events & Races
  • Weddings & Celebrations
  • Tournaments & Contests
  • Street Parties & Large Crowds

Fleet Shower Units

Single Portalet — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA
Interior Single Portalet — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA

Portable Toilet Calculator

Event Calculator — luxury restroom rentals in Grantville PA
We are often asked how many toilets a person should rent for an event or party. We normally recommend 1 unit per 100 people for smaller gatherings. For a larger event, the chart below is very helpful in determining how many toilets may be required.

Notes: If alcoholic beverages are served, increase the number of units by 13%. If the percentage of women in attendance increases beyond 50%, increase the number of units by that same percentage.

Cost of Inadequate Portable Toilet Facilities

This report is based on the results of a project completed by students and faculty members of the Center for Business and Industrial Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

There are two types of costs associated with failing to provide adequate portable sanitation facilities. The first type is that of deterioration of public health conditions. The second type of cost is the economic impact suffered by promoters and vendors.

Threat to public health increases with the size of the queue. Our observations lead to the conclusion that people are more patient than is suggested by the 10 minutes which they give as the maximum acceptable wait to use the portable sanitation facilities. This patience does have limits, of course, and these limits appear to be encountered when the queue size reaches the mid-teens. At this point people make their own arrangements--arrangements which, jeopardize public health and often interfere with the enjoyment of the event experienced by others.

Beyond this problem is that of the conditions existing within the units. This is particularly troublesome when the units are not serviced. The chemical treatment is overtaxed, splash becomes a problem and the general level of sanitation is inadequate. As a result, individuals are faced with the unappealing choices of using an offensive unit, making their own arrangements or leaving the event.

Choosing to leave is the response which has the most direct financial impact, and it represents the second type of cost associated with inadequate portable sanitation facilities. These costs can be roughly calculated. While the numbers vary from event to event, the calculations can be made for two groups: First, is the group which leaves the event prematurely because of an aversion to using the portable sanitation facilities. This group totaled only about 5% in this study, but represented a substantial loss in revenue nonetheless. An important point to notice here is that savings generated by having fewer units at one event are quickly eliminated when people leave early because of the long waits or unsanitary conditions of the portable sanitation facilities.

The second group is considerably larger and harder to influence. This is the group which has no plans to use the portable sanitation facilities. For this group (about a third of the crowd) the obstacle appears to be attitudinal in nature. They come to the event planning not to use the portable sanitation facilities and planning to stay a shorter period of time than those who plan to use them. The impact of getting only 10% of this group to reconsider and thereby lengthen their visits would be substantial. We feel that any of the Luxury Restroom line will help to impact this segment of your patrons. The flushing toilets, sinks, and modern conveniences should positively influence this segment of your crowd.

Average Length of stay at events with or without Portable Sanitation

4 hours event illustration — Walters Portable Toilets in Grantville, PA
8 hours event Illustration — Walters Portable Toilets in Grantville, PA
4 hours event with Children Illustration — Walters Portable Toilets in Grantville, PA
8 hours event with children illustration — Walters Portable Toilets in Grantville, PA